Digital Pinball PRO UPGRADE Kit for the KL25z

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This is an upgrade kit is for our Basic Digital Pinball Plunger Assembly w/ KL25z or any standalone KL25z Pinscape users that want a PRO level machine without all the wiring nightmares. No more having to wonder will it work, what MOSFETs, solenoids, or add-on boards to buy, just plug it in and forget about it.

WARNING: If you are the hardcore DIY guy this may not be the kit you are looking for. This kit is for someone who wants all the toys, without all the hassle. 

Slim design, this small package contains 7 pre-wired jacks that allow toys to be directly connected to the kit. Also, we have added 3 large screw terminal blocks for all your daisy-chaining for buttons or toys that connect to the KL25z. 

     1 - 3.5mm Jack for Digital Plunger
     1 - 3.5mm Jack for Shaker
     1 - 3.5mm Jack for Replay Knocker
     1 - 3.5mm Jack for Left/Right Flippers
     1 - 3.5mm Jack for Dual RGB Zone for multiple RGB devices
     1 - 3.5mm Jack for Single Zone for fans, LEDs, siren flasher, etc..
     1 - 3.5mm Jack for Dual Zone for paired Bumpers, knockers, poppers, etc...

     3 - 5.08mm ground terminal blocks

This comes with everything you need to turn your Basic Plug and Play Plunger kit or standalone KL25z into our PRO kit, with all the adapters and wiring you need to get up and running.  

Included in Package
     1 - PRO KL25Z Mount 
     1 - Wire Harness for toy jacks
     1 - 3.5mm Terminal Plug adapter
     4 - Button Ground Leads (9 buttons total)
     4 - mounting screws
     1 - Printed Instructions

This kit does not include a plunger, pot, or KL25z. If you need these items we recommend getting one of our Plug and Play Digital Plunger w/KL25z Kits