PRO Digital Pinball Plunger Kit w/ KL25z, Plug and Play, Nudge/Tilt

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Ready to take your virtual pinball cabinet to the next level.  This PRO-level kit is for the guy that wants a PRO machine without all the wiring nightmares. No more having to wonder will it work, what MOSFETs, solenoids, or add-on boards to buy, just plug it in and forget about it when using our specially made toys.

WARNING: If you are the hardcore DIY guy this may not be the kit you are looking for. This kit is for someone who wants all our toys, without all the hassle. 

As with our Starter Kit just add your Williams/Bally/Stern shooter and enjoy Plunger functionality as well as Nudge and Tilt functionality with VPX, Pinball FX, or any software that uses the X/Y/Z axis for pinball controls.  The kit includes wiring for 9 buttons and can also support up to 22 buttons with extra wire kits.

This uses the infamous Stand alone Pinscape Firmware that will be pre-configured and calibrated to your potentiometer. This also includes nudge and tilt which is uber sensitive and can be adjusted. Plus night mode, button controls and you can even add MOSFETs to control solenoids, LEDs, and much more. 

This will come all wired up and plug and play ready to be plugged in.

Included in Package

1 - PRO KL25Z Mount - Wired to the KL25z
1 - KL25Z Freedom board flashed and calibrated and headers installed.
1 - KL25z Button Cable for 9 buttons.
4 - Ground wire button leads for 9 buttons.
1 - 10K 100mm potentiometer
1 - Plunger/Slide assembly
1 - Printed Instructions
4 - Mounting screws
1 - 3.5mm Signal Cable
1 - USB cable

These kits come installed with the KL25z Pinscape Firmware maintained by Michael Roberts, all support files can be found at