Digital Plunger KL25z Button Expansion Cable

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This cable adds plug-and-play button capabilities to your KL25z Pinscape board. Out of the box, it adds connections for the following buttons 9 standard buttons but can be remapped in the Pinscape config tool or in your Pinball software at any time. 

  • Left Flipper
  • Right Flipper
  • Left Magna
  • Right Magna
  • Coin
  • Start
  • Exit/Cancel
  • Launch Ball
  • Extra Ball

Each cable lead has hight quality gold spade connectors with silicone shields.  This only utilizes about half the buttons ports available on the board.  You can find extra leads for extra buttons in the shop. 

Although this cable was made to be used with our kit, any KL25z that has standard 2.54 headers using Pinscape firmware could potentially use this cable to run its buttons.